Microsoft offers a workaround for Outlook Desktop app crashes when sending emails

Microsoft has provided a temporary solution for a problem that causes the Outlook desktop app to crash when sending emails.

When you send an email from your account, Outlook crashes. This issue happens for users on the Current Channel (Preview) channel on build 17029.20028.

Microsoft celebrates Word’s 40th Anniversary

Microsoft Word, world's most popular text processor and one of the oldest applications for Windows, has reached a significant milestone. It turns 40 years old. To commemorate this occasion, Microsoft has unveiled a timeline showcasing the evolution of the app and what lies ahead for Word in the future.

Microsoft Office to get a new theme along with new font in September

In the coming month, Microsoft Office applications will receive updates to their themes, introducing new color schemes, styles, and outlines. Additionally, the default font will be changed from Calibri to Aptos (previously known as Bierstadt). This marks the first change in default font since Office 2007.

Microsoft allows some its premium clients to run Office on AWS

Reportedly, Microsoft allows select enterprise customers to use Office 365 apps on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud without any additional cost. Previously, Microsoft had introduced licensing terms that increased the cost of running their software on other cloud services.

Microsoft Office has got a new default font for the first time in 16 years

Microsoft has announced that the Aptos font, also known as Bierstadt, will be the default font in the Microsoft Office family of applications. This is a grotesque sans-serif typeface inspired by mid-20th century Swiss typography. You may remember that since Office 2007, the default font has been Calibri.

How to enable Copilot in OneNote Insider Preview

If you're a Microsoft OneNote user, you can now enable an early preview of Copilot. It is a new AI chatbot that aims to enhance your experience with Office apps and other Microsoft products. Copilot has the potential to be a game-changer for OneNote users who want to streamline their note-taking and productivity. In this guide, you will learn how to enable the Copilot feature and start taking advantage of its benefits.

How to Enable the new Copilot in Microsoft Excel

It is now possible to enable Copilot in Excel. The feature is a preview version of an AI chatbot that you can use within the Excel application to help users complete tasks more efficiently. It can understand natural language commands and provide users with relevant information and suggestions based on their needs.

Here’s how to enable Copilot in Microsoft Word 16.0.16325.2000

Recently, Microsoft announced a new AI-powered "Copilot" feature for Microsoft 365's Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams apps. It can assists the user with content creation, including text writing, spell checking, spreadsheet analysis , creating presentations and so on. Microsoft said that the Copilot feature is already in use in 20 organizations.

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