The Phone Link app may soon allow using smartphone’s camera for PC video calls

The newest version of the Phone Link app for Android includes bits of code for streaming your phone's camera video to Windows. Apparently, Microsoft will eventually allow you to use your smartphone's optical sensors for video calls on your PC.

Xbox PC app introduces compact mode, useful for portable consoles

Microsoft has introduced a new compact mode in the user interface for the Xbox PC app, specifically designed for Windows portable gaming devices. It is the same update that was initially rolled out to Xbox Insiders in late October and is compatible with devices like Asus ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go, as well as other portable PCs.

Samsung has released its Internet browser for Windows 11 and 10

The Samsung Internet Browser is now available as a standalone app on the Microsoft Store for Windows. It is again a Chromium-based app that blends traditional capabilities like tabs, bookmarks, and saved pages with viewing the browsing history from a Samsung smartphone. The latter requires you registering with a Samsung account. However, password synchronization is not currently supported.

GeForce RTX 40-series buyers can now get 3 months of PC Game Pass and GeForce Now

NVIDIA is currently running a promotion where buyers of GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards can get three months of Microsoft's PC Game Pass and GeForce Now cloud gaming services for free. This offer is valid for purchases made between November 28 and January 8, and the subscription can be utilized until February 22.

Some Google Drive users may have lost their files from May to November 2023

In recent months, Google Drive users have reported that files uploaded to the cloud service have been disappearing. In a post on the support portal Google officially confirmed that files from May to November 2023 may have vanished from the storage.

Microsoft has launched the Defender Bounty Program, offering rewards of up to $20,000

Microsoft has recently launched a bug bounty program specifically for the Microsoft Defender security platform. The rewards for identifying vulnerabilities range from $500 to $20,000, with the final payment amount being at the sole discretion of the company. This amount is determined based on the severity and impact of the vulnerability, as well as the quality of the submission, with the highest rewards provided for high-quality reports on critical vulnerabilities.

A new “Windows App” app will allow connecting to a remote PC from any device

Microsoft has introduced a new app for accessing remote PCs from iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows, and browsers. Simply called "Windows App", it turns the Windows 365 app into a central hub for streaming Windows from a remote PC, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Dev Box, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Bing Chat will now be known as Copilot in Bing

Microsoft has announced that the Bing Chat will be renamed to "Copilot in Bing." The company launched the Bing chat bot earlier this year. It now allows to use generative artificial intelligence for free but with some limitations. According to Microsoft, Bing Chat is rapidly gaining popularity, and the number of requests has exceeded one billion.

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